Sailing as Team Building activity

Sailing as Team Building activity
Photo by Marc Wieland / Unsplash

The cold south wind is moving the mainsail and waving the water. The sun still brights over us, giving a soft and warm feeling. The ropes are ready, the team is finishing minor details before start sailing, and in just a few minutes, we will start the journey.

When we grow as a group

There is a moment of peace in almost every sailing trip, and is just there where the magic happens, where we slightly start enhancing our bonds. At some point, we start talking each other, about anything, wheater, things we love, plans for next week and an ample variety of matters. Anything helps to chat, and chat helps to enjoy the experience.

What can we get with this experience?

So, going straight to the point: what are de opportunities in this activity:

  • Learn to Lead and be led.
  • Strength bonds between members.
  • Understand desition making process in others.
  • Build a shared intention for the team, a reason to be part of.
  • Find a place to express vulnerability and express different points of view.
  • Understand in facts what is to take a role in the team and do only the activity you where asked.

Yes, you may need a coach (facilitator) to work on this points with the team o just try out your way to handle the activity. Knowing what you can do and learn, gives you tools to work on that. Find your way!. If you are comfortable or aware of retrospective analysis, that could work too!


As you may understand, this text is just a bunch of ideas to help people to find a new point of view in this fantastic activity: Sailing. I encourage you to take your own experience and answer this three simple questions:

  • What is happening to me during this process?
  • Did I learn anything?
  • What can I take and do part of me from what I learn? (write it down)

Enjoy your Journey!

(*) I am using Team as a generic concept. At this point, It's not important which kind of team are you building (temporary, long-term, etc.).