On writing with no Backspace Key

On writing with no Backspace Key
Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

It is possible to hear keys soft harmony. The writing’s passion seems to create a harmonic and continuous sound flying in the air. Every single part of the mechanism makes it work. A bell sounds, a "tac", the page goes up slowly to then be written for another Symfony of keys sound. Every letter is graven, imperfect, unique, over the paper's texture. Suddenly, everything stops. There is an error in one letter, in one word. There is no "backspace". There is no "undo". There is a decision to take: doing the fix by hand, putting the paper again in the typewriter, calibrating the precise position of the right key or just use a pencil to write on it by hand. There will be a "peaceful" imperfection, a shred of evidence that something changed, a scar in the text.

This kind of situations where commonplace many years ago, when the technology wasn't so advance like nowadays and having a computer was not so common. Today these could only happen to a purist writer enjoying a typewriter journey.

Nowadays, where experiences have to be lived "like never before", where anxiety, perfection's necessity, spell checkers, emoticons... a typewriter machine could be a struggling and slow for most of us. We don't seem to understand what means flowing throw a writing journey.

The mechanism itself it's not the point here, what matters is the way we are spouse to be using it, and every detail in the full process. Write down make us feel the earth in our feets (down-to-earth), and we transform ourselves within the process.

You have to think every idea before even pressing a single letter. That's the beautiful thing about using a typewriter machine. The idea and how to express it has to be clear in our head before going out and known the world on a sheet of paper. We will have to use drafts, cross out, try, construct and then, of course, write our text's final version.

Now that you have to think in these, How would you write without the backspace key?

A typewriter with white florals and greenery.
Photo by Fiona Murray / Unsplash