#JourneySpots: Puerto Pirámides, where whales and crystalline water meets each other

#JourneySpots: Puerto Pirámides, where whales and crystalline water meets each other
Photo by Cristian Tarzi / Unsplash

What is and What to expect

Puerto Pirámides is a tiny village 90 km from Puerto Madryn. Most of the people that go there to spend only a complete day. It's also possible to stay there for 1 or more nights if you have scheduled activities.
The beach is safe, mostly because of the geography: there are waves only with high winds, and for the first 100 meters the tide is almost the same. It's like a pool. Take in count that water may be cold (from 13° to 15° degrees).
Eating seafood is a must, especially "rabas" (fried calamari). Trying churros and other locals specialties are also recommended.

Before you arrive:

  • Cash is something you need to have in your wallet. There is online one ATM and its re filled once a week.
  • Food: most of the restaurants and drugstores are cash only.
  • Snorkells! Water is Crystal Clear (see pictures below).
  • Windproof jacket will be pretty convenient.
  • Sunblocker (50+). Sun is stronger than you could expect.
  • Book your place! there are just a few hotels in town (that is as big as eight blocks).
  • Only 2 Hotels can be found and both face the beach.

Things to Do

Because the place is part of a Gulf, the water is clear and transparent, and also it's infrequent to see waves. That makes the place a good spot to do a lot of water activities (see the list below). Be aware that the majority of the services are offered in the main road that ends just in front of the beach.

  • Diving: ask for prices, in the summer season the may change a lot.
  • Snorkeling: try doing this alone, bring your snorkel.
  • Kayaking: in the summer months, there is always a rental on the beach.
  • Stand Up Paddle: same that kayaking.
  • Whale watching tour: see the Yellow Submarine web page. They also have an Instagram account:
Be aware: most places and activities are CASH ONLY and there is only one ATM in the city.

How to reach the place:

  • By car: Use google maps to find your way to this spot
  • By Bus: There is a direct bus from Puerto Madryn to Puerto Piramides. You MUST ask for the frequency at the information point; It changes a lot in summer.
  • Even if you are a local, you must pay a fee to enter to Puerto Pirámides (because it's part of a reserve).Ask the current price at the Information Center in Puerto Madryn (you have to pass through that city).

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