About Me 👋

About Me 👋

Hi! I'm Gabriel, nice to meet you.

I am an Argentinian expat living in Germany, currently working as a Project Manager. I also hold broad experience in multiple fields but this is not LinkedIn so I am going to stop here haha.
Traveling is what feeds me with core memories and enriching experiences, and for that, I love it so much. At least for me, It is not about running across all the "Instagram spots", but more about discovering and exploring the local culture every time that's possible.

This blog is a collection of experiences, recommendations and learnings I was fortunate to have or create based on my trips. I was lucky enough to travel to the USA (east and west), New Zealand, Croatia and Germany; but also lucky enough to travel across my own country and discover our beautiful diversity.

As some of my trips were more sporty than others, I do my best to slip some of my hobbies during my visits: kayaking, hiking, paragliding, swimming, sailing and several outdoor activities are part of the repertoire.

Oh lastly, in case you are interested in something more "live", check my insta stories here, and feel free to get in touch there.

I hope you enjoy your jourey here!